Guidelines for Poster Presentation


General Rules:

  1. The work presented by the researcher should be the author’s original work.
  2. Only the papers presented at the conference will qualify for the publication.
  3. The presentation template and design should follow all the guidelines given below.
  4. The time limit of the presentation is 7 minutes presentation. Followed by 3 minutes of question answer session.
  5. Authors are advised to mount their posters on board assigned by the organizers and Materials to fix the poster will be provided
  6. All posters will be displayed for the entire duration of the conference. 
  7. The full paper review is done independently and the full paper acceptance or rejection does not depend on the type (oral or poster) of presentation.
  8. All posters should be prepared in advance and brought to the conference by the presenters. There will be no facilities on-site for printing the posters.


 Poster Design and Template:      

  1. Poster should print in portrait format and size : 23 inch wide x 33  inch high (A1 )
  2. Poster should be easily read at a distance of 1.5 meter.
  3. Poster should be print on a non-glossy surfaces material.
  4. The poster should stimulate a discussion and attracted audience to read.
  5. Contents to be covered in the poster :
    • ABSTRACT – Provide brief summary of the research (objective, method, findings, and conclusion)
    • POSTER TITLE – The poster should have the title in a prominent text format.
    • INTRODUCTION – Provide background of the study, problem statement, the purpose of the study and the objective of your research.
    • METHODS – Describe the methodology used for your study
    • RESULTS – Provide results of the study, focus more on the graphical/visual presentation and highlight only the important results.
    • DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION – this section should discuss your findings briefly and give a short conclusion about your research